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HearthStone Castleton

TruHybrid™ System
A 4-tube secondary combustion system with a fixed baffle ensures a clean burn before the catalyst performs the finishing touches.
Convenient Firebox
The square shape of the Castleton stove is perfect for loading the wood either side-to-side or front-to-back.
Easy to Use
Turn your stove to high and stoke a big fire. Turn it all the way down to keep a fire burning overnight.

TruHybrid™ Combustion System: Clean burning, uber-efficient, burn times up to 20 hours**.
Single Lever Air Control: Easy operation, consistent performance
Easy Catalyst Control Handle: Open side lever for smokeless startups, close for long, efficient fires
Durable Construction: Full cast iron construction with 1¼” soapstone lining offers lasting heat and a lifetime of trouble free service.
Top or Rear Flue Exit: Freestanding or hearth configuration, use the flue cap as a cooking plate with the rear exit.

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BTU: Up to 45,000
Efficiency: 77% HHV
EPA Certified: 0.69 g/hr
Finish: Brown Enamel, Matte Black, Seafoam Enamel
Firebox Capacity: 1.9 cu ft
Flue Exit Diameter: 6
Flue Exit Location: Top or Rear
HeatLife: 20 Hours of heat
Heats up to: 1,700 sq ft
Maximum Log Length: 18″
Stove Type: Soapstone Wood Stove
Weight: 464 lbs
Rear Heat Shield: 90-68300
Convection Blower: 90-57210
Outside Air Adapter: 90-53300
Side: 17″
Rear: 15″
Corner: 8″
Single-wall connector pipe, no rear heat shield

Side: 17″
Rear: 8″
Corner: 8″

Double-wall connector pipe with rear heat shield


Serving your fireplace & wood heating needs in Georgia & Alabama since 1975