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Manchester Tru-Hybrid Model 8362

TruHybrid™ Combustion System: Clean burning, uber-efficient, burn times up to 30 hours**.
Single Lever Air Control: Easy operation, consistent performance
Easy Catalyst Control Handle: Open side lever for smokeless startups, close for long, efficient fires
Convection Air Channel, Heat Exchanger: Pulls more heat out of the stove and into your home.
Durable Construction: Full cast iron construction with 1¼” soapstone lining offers lasting heat and a lifetime of trouble free service.
Oven-Style Side Door: Convenient fire loading, oven-style door helps keep ashes in the firebox.
Decorative Cast Rear Heat Shield: Finished look from any angle.
Top or Rear Flue Exit: Freestanding or hearth configuration, use the flue cap as a cooking plate with the rear exit.
Ash Pan: Satanard feature, makes firebox easy to clean.

Available in Matte Black, Brown Majolica Enamel and Barn Red Enamel

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Heats up to: 2,400 sq ft
Firebox Capacity: 2.45 cu ft
Flue Size: 6″ Top or Rear
Left side loading door
Rear Heat Sheild included
Size: Up to 75,000 BTUs
EPA Certified: 3.0 gph
Efficiency: 80% LHV
HeatLife: Up to 30+ hours
Maximum Log Length: 24″
Alcove Certified: yes
Mobile Home Certified: yes

Convection Blower 93-57600
Close Clearance Shield 93-68600 (for cast iron flue collar)
Outside Air Adapter 93-53500

Model 8362


Serving your fireplace & wood heating needs in Georgia & Alabama since 1975