March 2015

Well! We have had some seriously cold weather and dodged the bullet on some bad storms this season. But spring is just around the corner and when it finally arrives, it will be time to clean up and start to get your wood ready for next season!

Check your flue and cap to make sure there is no build up. If there is, a chimney brush can do the trick! If it too much to take on, we can refer you to chimney sweeps or you can look them up on the CSIA website link. Sometimes if your flue is in need of cleaning and you put it off, you could end up smelling your fireplace flue. The air inside the chimney can be cooler that the air outside and it can sink. When that happens, you can smell it.

It has been difficult this season to find dry, seasoned wood. At times keeping it dry was even more difficult! Wood that has a high moisture content will not burn the way it needs to so it can provide you with the heat you want. A good spring project would be to construct a 3 sided shelter for your next season’s wood. When that is complete, start to split and stack your fuel for the fall. When colder weather arrives, you will be ready!

Spring is almost here! We are ready for warmer weather but for those days that still might be chilly overnight and in the morning, you can still use your wood stove or insert! Just keep in mind that as the outside temperature rises, you need to make sure your heater still drafts like it is supposed to. Along with using dry wood (we cannot say that enough) you may have to increase your air intake, making your fire hotter and in turn make your flue gases/smoke hotter. Hot air rises and to use your appliance on days that get warmer as the sun rises, you have to increase the flue gas temperature. ALWAYS keep an eye on it. You cannot load your wood burning unit and shut it down like a gas unit. On warmer days, that can lead to creosote. Do not load-up your wood stove as you would do for a day that is in the 30’s. Burn it a little hotter than normal, and let it go out. Enjoy your wood burning stove in the morning, then go out and Seize the Day!

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