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Stratford II ZC

Here’s what you’ve been hoping to find, a decorative and efficient wood fireplace that meets EPA emissions standards.

That’s saying a lot, but the Osburn Stratford II has much more to offer, including a 2.5 cubic foot firebox that’s easy to access through double-cast iron doors.
The Osburn Stratford II will impress you with its distinctive style and exceptional heating capacity.
Several options are available, including a forced air system for heating adjacent rooms.

Traditional Style with brushed nickel accents shown.

Single lever stove control: easy operation, consistent performance
Non-catalytic combustion system: clean burning, efficient, reduces creosote build-up
Thermostat controlled fans turn on and off automatically
Optional vent ducting:distribute heat to other rooms



Recommended heating area-ft: 1800-2900
Overall firebox volume:  2.5 cu ft
Maximum burn time: 9 hours
Maximum heat output: 80,000 BTU/h (23.4 kW) (dry cordwood)
Overall heat output rate: 14,200 BTU/h (4.16 kW) to 48,200 BTU/h (14.13 kW)
Average overall efficiency (dry cordwood): 68% (HHV) 73% (LHV) (dry cordwood)
Optimum efficiency: 74 %
Average particulate emissions rate: 1.14 g/h
Maximum Log Length: 20″
Blower: Yes
Maximum Log Length: 20″
Flue Diameter: 6″

Minimum Hearth Size (US)     41 3/8″ W x 16″ D Minimum R-value     1.0 (ember)
Clearances (Combustible Surface): Floor to Mantle – 58″ for a 6″ deep mantle. Side Wall 13″
Clearance: top (measured from the platform on which the appliance is installed)   80″
Framing Dimensions: 41 5/8″ H x 37 3/4″ W x 25″ D

Fire Screen
Forced Air Convection Kit
Gravity Convection Air Kit
Fresh Air Intake with Airtight Damper

Two Face Options: Traditional and Prairie Style

Two Door Options: Black cast and Brushed Nickel-plated door overlay

Osburn. Beyond Fire.


Serving your fireplace & wood heating needs in Georgia & Alabama since 1975