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September 2016

Even though the temperatures are still warm, your wood stove, gas logs, wood burning fireplace or wood burning insert should be ready to go! This is the same routine you go through every season. Make sure your flue is in good state and make repairs or replacements as needed. Always have a “Fresh Flue” to start the season! If you need assistance in this, please call us for recommendations.

If you want to freshen up your gas logs, please call us for details on how this is done. If you feel uncomfortable in doing it yourself, please contact a professional.

Clean and replace the parts of your wood burning appliance as needed. Gaskets, firebricks, catalytic combustors must be inspected, cleaned or replaced as necessary so your unit can function like its meant to.

Hopefully your wood has been split, stacked and stored this year. We have had a very dry summer so in our area, so it was a good season to dry out firewood. But if you have to buy your fuel, please use a moisture meter to determine the moisture content of the wood. You are looking for around 20% MC. The drier the wood, the better the burn! If you have a high moisture content (MC) you will have low heat output, black glass on your unit and the greater possibility of creosote forming in your pipes or flue. And you will be very unhappy with your wood stove or insert. We also carry moisture meters.

Cooler weather will be here before long and if you are ready for it, you will enjoy your unit so much more!

Serving your fireplace & wood heating needs in Georgia & Alabama since 1975