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HearthStone WFP100


Larger version of the Montgomery WFP75, the WFP100 is an efficient, zero-clearance wood burning fireplace suited to a larger setting.With the ease of double-door loading, the WFP100 has a larger firebox capacity allows up to 25" log length and heats up to 2800 sq ft.
Easy to use air controls and thermostat controlled fans make the WFP100 simple to operate.
Non-Catalytic technology offers efficient and clean burns.

Available in matte black or Brown Majolica finishes.

Heats up to 2800 sq.ft.
Burn Time     Up to 8 hours
BTU  95000
EPA Rating (grams/hr)     1.6
Efficiency )     64%*
Configuration  ZC Fireplace
Width     45 1/4 in.
Height (includes flue collar):     41 7/8 in.
Depth:     24 in.
Maximum Log Length     25 in.
Flue Diameter     8 in.
Flue Exit     Top
Ash Pan     No
Blower     Included
Alcove Certified     N/A
Mobile Home Certified     No

Hearth Pad:
Minimum Size (US)     49 in. W x 32 in. D
Clearances from top of Insert to Mantle or Top Trim is 84 in.