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The Rancher SR57E by Vogelzang


The Rancher is an all cast iron cooking range that will burn only coal. It features a large "flare-top" with four 8" lift-out cook lids that allow convenient top loading. The Rancher's ability to accommodate several pots and pans at once makes it the perfect addition to cabins, hunting camps, and lodges.

Although the Rancher is built for heavy-duty use, it is very flexible and serves many other functional purposes other than cooking and heating. A simple pot of water or steamer set on the top of the stove will humidify your home and just a splash of stove scents added to that water will fill your cabin with delightful aroma. Some assembly required.


60,000 BTU rating
6" Oval flue size
Heats up to 1,000 sq. ft.
Burns coal only
Lower "spin-draft" controls air intake
(4) 8" Lift out cook lid for top loading
36" clearances to protected combustible surfaces
Type 2 floor protection required
Convenient ash door and tray for easy clean out
Cast iron "shaker" grate and large ash pan for ash removal

Customers are responsible for checking installation local codes and regulations prior to purchase.
This stove is not approved for installation in mobile or manufactured homes.